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  • Harmonisation of existing furniture taxonomy to provide a solution for a standardised way to exchange furniture data among manufacturers, retailers and customers by use of the Internet.
  • Provide a comprehensive dictionary for an easy and fast search of terms, to facilitate cooperation in international work and projects.
  • Collation of terminology from different countries to combine it in a multilingual Internet based platform.
  • Development of a taxonomy independent editor for product classification.

On going work

The dictionary is online and freely accessible by anybody under. It is continuously updated and expanded with terms linked to a glossary.

Proposals of different taxonomies have been collected across the world and are now harmonized to fit in as many processes as possible.

A search for a specific term provides a list with the search results, related terms and the possibility for further information about its classification. The results are provided in Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, Italian, French and Swedish.


In a short time a proposal for a harmonised furniture taxonomy will be provided in three fields: A general taxonomy, dictionary taxonomy and another taxonomy for use in e-marketplaces.

The dictionary shall be expanded with more terms, a wider field of terminology and will be more user-friendly.


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