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Confronting an industrial problem

The funStep Interest Group targets the interoperability among software solutions whatever the place they are used within the company and/or in different companies.

One of the main aims of the industry is to safeguard the investment in information technology, training and data management, making more profitable the investments in computer aided design, electronic commerce, and other related technology.

The funStep-IG brings together software vendors, manufacturers, retailers and technology developers in a single frum towards the adoption of common standards for interoperability.


  • Spread the knowledge and promote the use of product data standards within the furniture industry.
  • Manage the evolution of the funStep standard.
  • Co-ordinate working groups.
  • Influence on the software implementations.
  • Promote the adoption of results by standardization bodies.

Organization profile

  • Non-for-profit organization.
  • Not devoted to software development.
  • Industry requirements based. Bottom-up approach. Early implementation oriented.
  • Membership open world-wide to software vendors, industry, retailers and other furniture-related organizations.
  • Open to collaboration with other working groups and standardization bodies.
funStep Interest Group
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